Quantifying Stakeholder Management

Group of people in large crowd walking in the street.

Stakeholder management is an integral part of any organisation. Possessing the ability to quantify stakeholder satisfaction throughout the engagement process is vital in measuring the effectiveness of stakeholder engagement strategies and methods implemented.

INX InForm is the obligations and stakeholder management solution, within the suite of INX modules. Users can capture stakeholder profiles as groups and/or individuals and link them to various business units or projects within an organisation. Stakeholders can be categorised by type, sensitivity, and importance, which assists organisations in painting a picture of the profiles. Users can then capture and assign tasks with defined responsibilities and deadlines to ensure stakeholder commitments are met.


INX InForm also provides users with the ability to record all points of engagement with stakeholders through communication records. An entire history of communications can be accessed per stakeholder to ensure transparency and provide insight into the relationship shared between the organisation and stakeholder. These records help to provide quantifiable information of the volume and effectiveness of engagement strategies. INX InForm communications help to trend things, such as:

  • Stakeholder group(s) and/or individuals involved
  • Type of engagement, e.g., complaint, forum, conference
  • Method of engagement, e.g., email, phone, letter, face to face
  • Degree of sentiment, e.g., positive, negative, neutral
  • Engagement topic/issue raised
  • Date of communication and date of company response


This information can then be harnessed, using the systems reporting tool, in tables and or charts, such as the one featured.

Users have the flexibility to generate reports, based on stakeholder profile(s), topic/issue, engagement type, method, sentiment, and date range across various levels within the organisation structure from corporate to specific projects.

A growing number of organisations are turning to INX InForm to help manage stakeholder types, such as government, community, industry, investors, financial, media, cultural, landowners, NGO’s, and academic segments. For more information on how INX InForm can help your organisation and for a free trial or demonstration, please contact our Environmental Consulting Manager Zoe Strange here.

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