Introducing Our New Product Managers!

To improve our customer focus we have appointed four Product Managers responsible for the solution streams across Safety, Training, Compliance and Travel. These managers bring with them significant knowledge, expertise and insight into our customers’ requirements and we are confident this approach will take us and our customers experiences’ to the next level.


Safety Products Manager – Catherine Hickey

Having spent 8 years working in the mining industry specialising in workplace health, safety, risk and injury management, Catherine joined INX Software in November 2014 as an Implementation Consultant in the Client Services team. Catherine’s advanced knowledge and experience has ensured the successful outcome of more than 30 implementations.

As both an end user of INX and now manager Catherine has a comprehensive and rounded view of how best to assist our customers in the health, safety, risk and injury space and best positions her to progress the product and further build it around our customers’ requirements.

Training Products Manager – Peter Ivison

Peter has been involved with INX software since 2008, initially as a client, then as an eLearning consultant, and finally joining INX Software in December 2011 as Training Manager. In this capacity, Peter was not only responsible for the development of the INX training programmes, but also for the development of our Learning Management System (INX +LMS) integration and the ‘INX Assessor’ mobile assessment tools for INX InTuition.

Peter has over 15 years experience in Australian and International Oil and Gas operations management. In this role he has developed and implemented competency-based training and assessment systems in a wide range of cultural contexts. This broad range of management experience combined with his technical abilities allows Peter to help our clients to find the optimum solution for the management of their learning and development activities.


Compliance Products Manager – Zoe Strange

Zoe has over 8 years experience in the software industry and has worked with a number of leading global HSE, governance, risk and compliance management systems. Throughout this time, Zoe has held roles across commercial, environmental, implementation, training, project management and product design disciplines.

With her broad skill set and advanced tertiary qualifications, Zoe has been able to successfully create and drive new products to market and create new initiatives that help satisfy her customers’ wide range of requirements.


Logistics Products Manager – Marisa Willard

Marisa began working at INX Software since 2010 having previously used INX InFlight in a travel administrator role within the mining industry. Having being initially employed as an Implementation Consultant working with INX InFlight clients in Australia, PNG, Indonesia and Canada, Marisa then moved into a Business Analyst role in 2013 to focus more on new feature requests and expanding the INX Software suite of products.

Following this, Marisa took on a Senior Implementation Role and later became Project Manager, this has allowed her to have a better understanding of corporate requirements as well as the day to day logistics operations of many businesses.


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