Culture Statement

We are an innovative and open minded organisation where people spark new ideas and explore alternatives. We are united by curiousity and a drive for learning and success. Our work environment is supportive, collaborative and welcoming.

Values and Behaviours


  • We show respect and value each other and our customers
  • We ensure a safe and sustainable workplace environment


  • We work together and collaborate to achieve great results
  • We support each other and act upon feedback


  • We do the right thing in an honest, fair and responsible way 
  • We do what we say we will do


  • We are dynamic and focus on being ahead of our competitors
  • We contribute and build on new ideas that translate into better solutions


  • We continously improve our people, our execution and our products
  • We are enthusiastic and willing to achieve great results


  • We understand our company strategy, our roles, responsibilities and authority
  • We take ownership of our work and hold each other to account