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"Since becoming a content contributor for INX Software we have experienced greater brand exposure both for our company and as an expert in the space. It is fantastic seeing my articles shared throughout such a large network and seeing people engage with my content."

Meet Some of our Contributors

Tania Van der Stap
Founder and Principal Director
Align Risk Management

Aaron Neighbours
General Manager

Gaynor Renz
WHSE Compliance & Risk

Felicity Cooper
Risk Management Expert and Head of Technology Risk
Commonwealth Bank

Who we are and who we're looking for

We are an innovative solution provider focused on simplifying the management of workforces and environments in high-risk industries. We help companies achieve compliance, reduce risk and increase efficiencies with our state-of-the-art technology across safety, logistics, mobilisation, competence, compliance, health, obligations and the environment. Our solutions are well-engineered, easy to use, and elegantly simple and are supported by a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals who are driven to improve the working lives of our customers across the world.


We are looking for professionals and experts in the Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, Compliance and Risk space who are interested in creating, sharing and providing insightful content to be shared through our ever-increasing network. Your content will be shared across our 600,000 users in 23 countries and across more than 21 industries along with our social network and website visitors. Your articles, videos and other media will be credited with your name, your business and background and this will be published across our website blog, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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What are the benefits of contributing?

Build your profile and brand by getting in front of the leading organisations across multiple industries across the world. Not only does this showcase your knowledge and services throughout our extensive network but also provides digital marketing and SEO benefits with strong backlinking to your website.

What's required of me?

  1. Send us through your profile summary (who you are, what you do, your experience etc. along with any links to your website) which we will be used along with all content we share from you
  2. We will ask you to send through at least one article per fortnight to our marketing team (the more you send us, the more we will feature your work!)
  3. Publish the same content through your own network and provide a link to where it has been featured by INX (you will be notified when your content has gone live)

Do you have some sample articles?

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