May 8, 2017

Workplace Incident Reporting – Who to Contact for Each State

Maintaining a safe, zero-harm and hazard-free work environment is often the number one priority of any organization, especially for large-scale companies in the construction and resources sector. Keeping up with the latest information, reports, and compliances is critical when accounting for all occupational health and safety standards, and their requirements being met.
Part of this is the required documentation and reporting for workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses. There are various reporting guidelines, standards, and report types organizations have to be familiar with and account for as part of their workplace health and safety compliance checks.
This is when having all the latest and up to date compliance information available in one location provides to be very useful. Safe Work Australia has provided a page of useful information for workplace incident reporting, and how these reports vary from state to state. You can find this information and more, by following this link:

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