May 10, 2017

Better Together – Global Reporting Initiative and the IIRC

Collaborations and partnerships are vital for strengthening relations and achieving common goals. The Global Reporting Initiative and the International Integrated Reporting Council is an example of a partnership, working together as they share a vision for the evolution of corporate reporting in which alignment and clarity of corporate reporting frameworks, standards and requirements drive consistency and comparability, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness in corporate reporting practices. Both organizations recognize the importance of corporate reporting in promoting sustainable development.
In all industries involving environmental operations, sampling, and monitoring the need to observe the importance of corporate reporting in promoting sustainable development has been highlighted. To pursue their common goal to drive the importance of sustainability reporting for integrated reporting, GRI’s G4 is a key starting point to ensure that robust sustainability metrics are included in integrated reports, based on the International IR Framework.
Both organizations are committed to identifying means of alignment with the aim to strengthen corporate reporting. They will continue to proactively communicate to the market the role, nature and alignment of each other’s framework, guidelines, and standards to aid understanding and clarity in the corporate reporting environment. Through their continuing collaboration, they will aim to express, where possible, a common voice on relevant aspects of their respective activities and other matters of mutual interest.

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