May 11, 2017

INX InViron Mobile – New App Release

The latest INX InViron Mobile App release is here!
A software solution to cater to your environmental management and compliance needs, INX InViron is an easy-to-use system for recording and monitoring environmental data, managing stakeholders and obligations, and provides the tools to support ISO 14001 certification.
Having all the functionality of INX InViron available in the palm of your hand, INX InViron Mobile enables you to have your environmental management power in your pocket. With the latest app version release, capturing and managing environmental field data remotely from your device has never been so easy.
Some of the features include:
  • Switching between accounts is easy when you’re sharing a device – multiple individual profiles can be set up so users can switch between accounts to access their information
  • Users can configure a variety of different field log sheet designs across the different monitoring programs within the INX database, allowing for a streamlined set of data that’s easy to manage
  • Whilst in the field, you can access and complete field log sheets and samples on the go, save and submit to the INX InViron database
  • Maintain your compliance by scheduling sample runs and creating field log sheet designs – so you can see which samples must be completed and by when
  • Track each sample run status with clear markers to identify which ones are due, in progress, submitted or overdue – for improved visibility
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