May 11, 2017

INX Version 5 is here – see what’s new!

Version 5 has arrived! 
A project that we’re excited to share with you has arrived – INX Version 5! Having done a complete overhaul of our extensive product, our users now are provided with a cleaner, easier and simpler interface for managing their workforce and environment.
Now you can start managing your safety, logistics, compliance, risk, training and competence, stakeholders, environment, management of change, and occupational health and hygiene operations in the most effective and productive way possible with little if any additional training.
Some of the new features included in this Version 5 release are:
  • The faster and smarter page rendering capabilities enabling better performance
  • A flexible design to ensure you can access INX across a range of different screen sizes, platforms and orientations – so you’re always good to go
  • Collapsible sections and menu for you to get the most out of your optimised work-screen and completely focus on your task at hand
  • New grids ensuring greater consistency and scalability to allow for more information to be displayed on the one screen across different screen sizes
  • Useful info prompts to provide you with a page overview for a clearer workflow direction, so you can increase data accuracy and don’t have to contact support
  • Opting for a fresher look, we’ve moved to a more modern and clean colour scheme to make INX easier on the eye and more intuitive
  • Powerful dashboard reporting +BI tool for you to drill-down and explore your reports all across our product range – finally, a replacement for your old PowerPoint presentations
  • Mobile applications for simple data capture and task completion for when you’re on the go – making everything you need available in the palm of your hand
Have a look for yourself with our short video >

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