May 29, 2017

ISO 14001 and Environmental Management: What Does it Mean?

There are rules and regulations wherever you go and for whichever activity you do. Organisations, in particular, are subjected to scrutiny and strict compliance measures and look for ways to make sure they are obeying all the regulations and legislation. In the environmental sector, in particular, the guidelines and procedures which are in place to ensure each process is carried out within the applicable standards, are heavily monitored. The process of effective environmental management is one of the biggest challenges.
Organisations are conducting business with complex legal structures, while stakeholder demands are increasing and environmental performance expectations are becoming increasingly demanding. To operate effectively in this environment, organisations are required to actively demonstrate proactive management of the environmental impacts of their business activities, involving environmentally responsible practices into everyday business processes.
As something that used to be a competitive edge, environmental management systems (EMS) have become a fundamental necessity of any industry operating in the environmental sector. An EMS is a framework that can be integrated with existing business processes to effectively identify, measure and control environmental impacts which also includes environmental risks.
An Environmental Management System also establishes the means for improving performance and moving towards environmental sustainability through best practice such as ISO 14001. The International Standard ISO 14001:2004, Environmental Management Systems lists the requirements that most organisations set out to achieve. And in a competitive environment where compliance and maintaining the relevant industry standards is key, meeting the ISO guidelines is the first step in the right direction.

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