May 31, 2017

Top 3 Tech Support Tips and Tricks – May 2017

Our product experts and support team have put together their top 3 tips and tricks for the month of May 2017. Stay up to date with the latest tips and tricks by following us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and keep an eye on our FAQ page on our website.
Q: How can I turn on/off pop-up’s in the checklist?
A: Administrators can configure a checklist to be “Simple” which means that no pop-ups will display when completing this tab within an event. When completing a response, the selection will be entered directly into the field as displayed (see the images below; click to expand).
If this check-box is not ticked, an Action Editor pop-up will display upon selection of the response, allowing diagrams to be displayed and actions to be added. Users can then move on to the next question.
Q: How can I quickly make a booking, or transfer a booking, for a group of people?
A: Users with Editor or Administrator security can create a Favourites List of People and use this when completing an ad hoc booking.  In this example we have navigated to the ‘People’ page and the Favourites section is available to expand.  You can then select people and enter the List Name and select Add.  This will automatically default to being private and after searching again, you can select this from the ‘Favourites List’. 
This list can be used within:
  • Daily Activity Status
  • Adhoc Booking
  • People
  • Reports (applicable) eg. staff & ERT leave planner
Q: How can I quickly email all people booked on a flight to advise of a change?
A: On the Flight Bookings tab of a Flight, there is a mail icon next to ‘Person’ at the top of the list of names. If you select this, Outlook will open with the ‘To’ field populated with all email addresses entered into INX and the Subject field populated with information about the flight.

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