June 2, 2017

Digital Transformers – How they’re Changing our Culture

Implementing any proposed changes, no matter how small or large, can cause a shift in management and its protocols. Often changes in management approaches and strategies affect organizational culture; yet company cultures can also drive management of change initiatives.
One of the latest initiatives that have been affecting organizational cultural shifts is digital transformation.
Digital transformation is the process where an organization overhauls and reorders its capabilities to reach new highs of digital optimization within their operations. This encompasses the need for people in an organization to adopt new processes, ways of working and approaches to breaking down operational barriers; sometimes known as ‘organizational silos’.
As with any upgrade in management, changing the culture to suit new initiatives has to be supported both ways, as an organization’s culture must be adaptive to its future. This means that an effective culture change is critical to successful digital transformation. However, as in any organization and throughout its multifaceted culture, some will be more eager to transform than others will. This can sometimes create a culture gap.
In today’s organizational environments, changes occur more often and are not seen as ‘one in a while’ phenomena. This promotes a thriving, proactive and up to date organization. Integrating with technologies to enable a more agile work environment allows for a state of constant revolution and innovation.
After all, that is what companies aim to achieve with the availability and access to new technologies and digital transformation systems.

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