June 8, 2017

Usability enhancements to INX InFlight

After working with customers and assessing feedback through the new feature request process for INX InFlight, we have scheduled in the following enhancements around the work status code functionality to simplify administration further.
  • Work Status Code header lock
  • Locking the header row /adding new Work Status Codes from the top of the table
  • Copy rooms button
  • Allowing a copy rooms function to avoid having to add new room and re-type information
  • Multiple company select on Contract Rates
  • Allowing multiple companies to be associated with a contract rate, will stop the user having to load one line at a time
  • Build return to Admin / Person Rosters / Rooms
  • Takes the user back to the screen they built from, remove the ‘click here to return’ screen
Future Reporting Periods
Future reporting periods are now available in Version 5 for all scheduled reports. These include:
  • Next 7 days
  • Next 14 days
  • Next 21 days
  • Next month
  • Next 3 months
The focus lately has been on scoping the implementation of timezones. This solution will allow companies with sites in different timezone locations to get an accurate view of journey arrival and departure times.

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