June 16, 2017

Customer Travels – Experiencing the End to End Journey with INX InFlight

Providing our clients with solutions that make a difference in their workforce and benefit their workflow management is what we strive to do with our solutions and products. Working with our clients, we aim to establish long-lasting relationships and work together to continue to push the limits.
This is where feedback becomes very important.

Craig Green

, then Personnel Logistics Manager of CBI Kentz JV, who shared a personal account on LinkedIn of the benefits of innovation in the resource sector, detailed his experiences of workforce management and travel efficiency improvements with INX InFlight.

“After a robust market review, the plethora of tools available, the INX InFlight program was selected as the most cost-effective and user–friendly. The key take home from lessons learnt from technology forums was not to customise a system to work with the company, but for the company to work with an off the shelf retail platform, and to build internal work-arounds to best work with the system.
Since the implementation of this software, stakeholders have since progressed introducing the benefits of the overall package to other global projects, with a sister project also engaging the system, and recently begun their implementation in late 2015.
This experience is an industry leading benchmark, delivering synergies in not only how we operate, but by also being less reliant on people, resulting in hard cash savings in the process.
This is Innovation at its best.”

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