June 26, 2017

Global Licence for AS 3806-2006 (now 19600 since 2015) Compliance Programs

In every industry today maintaining a high level of competency and compliance is paramount, and crucial to workplace operations. There is an extensive range of compliance documents, rules and regulations, that is can get difficult keeping up with them all.
That’s why we’ve sourced the reports, checklists, guides, templates and more to help make it easier for you to keep up with compliance measures and regulations with our resources library.
The resource attached below is the Global Licence for AS 3806-2006 Compliance Programs licence report, provided by SAI Global and Standards Australia. It details compliance programs, outlining principles for the development, implementation and maintenance of effective compliance programs within both public and private organisations. These principles are intended to help organisations identify and remedy ay deficiencies in their compliance with laws, regulations and codes, and develop processes for continual improvement in this area. It describes these elements in five easy-to-follow sections:
  • Compliance Principles
  • Commitment
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and Measuring
  • Continual Improvement
To download your copy of the licence report, click here: Global Licence for AS 3806-2006 Compliance Programs.

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