June 28, 2017

Thinking of Making the Switch? We make it Easy

Making the switch from an existing solution or provider to another can often be challenging.
There is the usual hesitation from users to change, and whilst you can see the immediate benefit they might not. We’ve recognised this and put together some helpful tips for ensuring you a successful management of change process can be carried out. These include:
  • Bringing across your existing data and information
  • Reviewing your specific data migration requirements
  • Integrating with existing HR, payroll, ERP and other systems
  • Work through additional requests, such as custom reporting
  • Provide INX System Administrative Training
  • Offer in-person and online support, as we’re here to help
Our experienced team here at INX have a number of processes and methods in place to make sure the transition from your current system to our solution is as smooth and simple as possible.

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