June 30, 2017

Top 3 Tech Support Tips and Tricks – June 2017

Our solution and product experts, and support team have put together their June Top 3 Tips and Tricks. This month we’ve answered the frequently asked questions for the most popular solutions.
Q: How do I look at an overview of the data entered for an event, especially for approvers and those people closing out an event report?
A: At the bottom of the Report Close Out tab is a plus sign with the description of Display Event Summary. Clicking on this shows all the data entered for the event including thumbnails of any photos uploaded.
Q: How many organizational and laboratory chain of custody (COC) templates can I upload?
A: In INX InViron, you can upload an unlimited number of organizational and laboratory COC templates.
Q: No batched or Immediate Notifications are being sent?
A: This can be due to the Scheduler being stopped. You can restart the Scheduler through the Scheduler Administration page. If the Scheduler button displays as  START then your Scheduler has stopped, and you will need to click the button so it displays as STOP. You will now receive notification as normal.
Q: Which modules are available as mobile apps?
A: Three of our solution products are available as a mobile app:
– INX InControl (for safety, risks, events and reports)
– INX InControl (for safety, risks, events and reports)
– INX InViron (for monitoring, reporting and obligations)
– INX InFlight (for travel, rosters and accommodation)
– INX InTuition (for training, skills and compliance)

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