July 3, 2017

Going Towards 2020 – Sustainable Health and Safety Strategies for the Resources Sector

Looking forward to achieving a goal is important for
turning your vision into action.
In the environmental, resource, and mining sectors the health and safety of our workforce is the number one priority. To ensure the well-being of employees, organisations have to make sure they operate within the highest health and safety standards, abide by compliance regulations, and manage risks effectively.
Yet it all starts with a healthy and safe workforce. This is where Going Towards 2020 comes in.
Issued by the Department of Mines and Petroleum, this initiative is aimed at encouraging a safer resource sector and developing sustainable health and safety strategies. The Resources Safety regulatory body is the primary regulator for the mining, petroleum, and dangerous goods industries in Western Australia and advocates for these three key goals in the resources sector through raising awareness and enforcement:
  • World-leading regulation
  • Smarter systems
  • Well-informed industry
Regulatory bodies such as Resources Safety interact with industries to achieve compliance in two ways:
  1. Raising awareness of safety and health matters, so that people are aware of their roles and responsibilities, and understand what they need to do to ensure that their workplace is safe
  2. The traditional role of the inspectorate, which is to seek compliance with the legislation and enforce it when necessary
Being able to operate safely in demanding industries which we find in the resources sector, is the driving factor for Going Towards 2020. The adoption of this strategy was reinforced by the recommendations made in the 2016 Mines Safety Branch Resourcing and Funding Independent Assessment undertaken by Deloitte.
To continue to encourage health and safety awareness initiatives, Going Towards 2020 is an important step in the right direction. Focusing on achieving world-leading regulation, implementing smarter systems, and growing a well-informed industry are the core elements of turning the 2020 vision into action. Implementing systems such as the INX InControl module which are part of our Safety Solutions package supports the health and safety initiatives in the resources industry.
Having a HSE solution allows for reporting and managing incidents, injuries, safety meetings and other company specific events as well as the proactive management of audits, inspections and hazard identifications. Maintaining compliance with industry requirements to ensure tasks are carried out accordingly is at the centre of management systems. The INX solutions are integrated and provide the tools that support the attainment and certification of ISO 9001, ISO18001, ISO 19600, AS 4801 and AS 3806.
Ensuring organisations have the abilities to increase compliance and adopt a proactive approach to health and safety management is paramount to establishing a health and safety workforce, and going towards 2020.

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