July 17, 2017

Take the Bite: the ISO 22000 Food Management Revision will be Served

Regulations are always evolving and adapting to industry changes, so it’s important to keep up with them. Especially in the food and beverage industries, where health and safety regulations have to be strictly adhered to.
The most recent regulation that is undergoing a revision is the ISO 22000 for food management systems. Since its first publication in 2005, supply chain personnel have been facing new food challenges, highlighting the need for the ISO 22000 standard to be revised. It is said to incorporate a new core structure as well as recognised key elements to ensure food safety at every step of the food management process.
Some of the main proposed changes to the ISO 22000 standard include the following:
  • The high-level structure: in order to make life easier for businesses using more than one management system standard, the new version of ISO 22000 will follow the same structure as all the other ISO management system standards, following the High-Level Structure.
  • The risk approach: the standard now includes a different approach to understanding risk.
  • The PDCA cycle: the standard clarifies the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, by having two separate cycles in the standard working together;
  • – one covering the management system
  • – the other covering the principles of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point approach (HACCP)
  • The operation process: a clear description is given to distinct key terms such as; Critical Control Points (CCPs), Operational Prerequisite Programmes (OPPs) and Prerequisite Programmes (OPRPs).
Keeping up with compliances such as the one above can be difficult when there are more than one to adhere to. Having a management system to organise everything and make it available in one place, enables you to implement a structured approach to your workforce management needs. Systems such as the INX Compliance Solution package can help you manage, report and analyse your compliance across safety, regulations, quality, stakeholders, obligations and more.

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