July 31, 2017

Top 3 Tech Support Tips and Tricks – July 2017

Our solution and product experts, and support team have put together their July Top 3 Tips and Tricks. This month we’ve answered the frequently asked questions for the most popular solutions.
Q: How can I quickly email all people booked on a flight to advise of a change?
A: On the Flight Bookings tab of a Flight, there is a mail icon next to ‘Person’ at the top of the list of names. If you select this, Outlook will open with the ‘To’ field populated with all email addresses entered into INX and the Subject field populated with information about the flight.
Q: How do I add new announcements or links to the home page?
A: Go to Administration, and then to Announcements / Home Page Links and proceed to add new announcements or links.
Q: I need to update certain information to a lot of people; is there a quicker and more efficient way of managing this instead of doing so one by one?
A: Proceed to Administration, and then to Group Maintenance to make your desired updates.
Q: How do I change the text on the travel confirmation report?
A: Go to Administration, then to Work Sites to access Travel Information, and make the necessary changes.
Q: What is INX +BI?
A: INX +BI assists the entire workforce management process by simplifying reporting and graphing through a single screen, drill-down dashboard display.
Q: What are some key features of INX +BI?
A: Some of INX +BI’s features include search tools, private and public dashboards, branded reports.
Q: How many assessments can we upload?
A: No limit, practical limit is restricted to size of the device. It can be customised to allow groups of assessment per assessor.
Q: What can I do when the correct security access is not appearing?
A: Ensure that the correct domain and username (as provided by your IT department or User Management Tool if your system is hosted by INX Software) has been entered on the user’s Personal Profile page. Also, ensure that the correct ‘slash’ is used; it should be a backslash (\). Check that there are no spaces either in front of or after the login details.

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