August 7, 2017

Environmental Management Systems – Changing the way Data is Managed

Data has always been an integral part of improving company operations – continuing to drive change management.

In the resources and environmental sector, in particular, the collection of field data for laboratory reporting and research is paramount to provide valid results for analysis and maintaining compliance with industry standards.


Employees in a range of roles, including environmental advisors, consultants, supervisors, and managers are responsible for the task of capturing this environmental data accurately and in a consistent manner to ensure its accuracy. This often amounts to extensive amounts of data processing, which in some cases is still done manually.

One of the most popular yet dreaded platforms to use are spreadsheets.

Time and time again countless spreadsheets and outdated systems have proved to add to the inefficiency of your workday. Having to manually extract and enter data from numerous sources, is a known time-consuming and error prone process no-one really has time for.


Combine this way of operating with the increasing need to follow the integral compliances issued by organizations such as the ISO, and you have a growing challenge to keep up with the latest industry requirements.

This is one of the main reasons for changing the way we collect data and are looking towards environmental management systems, which are able to cover the necessary requirements and beyond.

It supports the trend of industries becoming more regulated, and even more centric around topics such as:

  • occupational health and safety
  • risk management
  • training and competence
  • stakeholder relations

After all, it is important to utilize effective documentation methods and platforms that will help you do your job more efficiently and effectively.

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Environmental Management Systems: Changing the way Data is Managed

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