August 9, 2017

Working with Newmarket Gold

Having completed a transformational merger with Crocodile Gold in July 2015, Newmarket Gold has become a top 20 listed Canadian gold mining company. Newmarket Gold prioritises sustainability and environmental responsibility throughout every level of their business with a key focus on the community, environment and safety;
1. Community – Maintaining appropriate and effective communication with landholders, host country citizens and other stakeholders who may be directly affected by their operations.
2. Environment – Continual development and implementation of rehabilitation strategies to enhance sustainability practices.
3. Safety – Commitment to workplace health and safety through active safety programs and the vision of zero harm to all employees, contractors and visitors.
By relying on a number of spreadsheets, forms, databases and manual processes, Newmarket Gold found that this approach resulted in some of the following issues:
1. Double handling of information in order to produce graphs and tabled data
2. Manual uploading and entry of laboratory data into the database
3. Difficulty in accessing and entering data as new staff were unfamiliar with the setup and process
4. Inability to track due dates and license requirements
5. Difficulty in recalling all obligations for each work plan variation and license
6. Unable to report data or upload documentation

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