August 25, 2017

Key Changes to the Transport Industry as Discussed at this Year’s International Transport Forum 2017

At the International Transport Forum Summit, held in Leipzig, Germany in early June, organisations and government leaders came together to discuss the important changes underway across the transport sector.
Governance of Transport
This year’s theme ‘Governance of Transport’ made it clear that government is ready to work with business in creating a fundamental shift in the way that global transport systems operate; meaning that movement towards sustainable and low-carbon transport is gaining momentum.
In the Transport Outlook 2017 report, it is detailed how to get to 2050 global transport while managing and mitigating CO2 emissions. Much of the data in the report focuses on CO2 as a unit of measurement for progress and success. This is a refreshing change because, in the past, success has been measured in terms energy balances.
Social Development
Many speakers also touched on the fact that transport is a critical enabler of social development, prosperity and economic activity globally. Given this, speakers agreed that we must confront the complexity and manage the transition to new infrastructure and systems seamlessly.
Despite the challenges, leaders are pushing ahead; both at the city, national and international level. 
The Forum truly highlighted the incredible opportunities for business in the transport systems’ transformation. Organisations should get involved early, in order to get the maximum benefits.
While there’s still uncertainty about how this transformation will take place, it is now more important than ever for organisations and governments to work together to make the transport transition a smooth one.
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