September 13, 2017

10 things you can do to Reduce Workplace Hazards

We all want to be safe and healthy, especially at work where there is enough stress going on. Not to mention that workplace health and safety hazards can be very costly; both to your employees’ lives but also the bottom line.
To ensure that your employees are productive and efficient in a safe and healthy environment, it’s important to adopt the right precautionary measures. The best way to ensure this is by being proactive and avoid some of the most common workplace hazards with the ten following ways:
  1.  Identify any potential risks in your workplace environment
  2. Set a health and safety policy; and communicate it to your employees
  3. Conduct job hazard analyses and risk mapping
  4. Respond to hazards promptly
  5. Encourage feedback on safety improvements
  6. Meet fire safety standards
  7. Keep your safety procedures updated
  8. Prevent slips, falls and trips by clearly displaying safety notices
  9. Handle dangerous materials with caution and in accordance with the ISO regulations (such as ISO 16495:2013)
  10. Provide employee health and safety training
To find out more on how you can prevent workplace hazards and start to implement these ten points, check out our Health and Safety Solutions.

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