September 25, 2017

9 Most Common Government Industry Requirements

Every industry is bound by the rules and regulations that govern what you can and can’t do. Whichever you may find yourself in, you will notice that each set of regulations differs from another sector.
In the heavily regulated governmental sector, which includes both local, state and federal, there is an assortment of extensive industry requirements. Here are the x most common ones:
  • Facilitate active and positive cooperation and promote benefits of projects and operations
  • Provide summaries of sustainability initiatives, key environmental documentation and sustainability initiatives
  • Allow for multiple sources of data capture for safety, environment, and compliance;
  • forms, documents, web, mobile
  • Proactive stakeholder management and engagement
  • Manage site and online training
  • Mobile reporting for checklists, incidents, audits and risk assessments
  • Location based reporting
  • Competence management and tracking
  • Integrate with HR, Payroll and other 3rd party systems such as TRIM

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