October 2, 2017

It’s National Safe Work Month!

October marks the National Safe Work Month and highlights the importance of health and safety at work.
Whether your workplace is in the offices of the corporate headquarters city buildings, in a warehouse, in the field or the mine site, on the road, or anywhere else, making sure your workplace ensures you and your team are safe when doing their job is the number one priority.
After all, without a healthy, safe and happy workforce, nothing would get done.
Throughout this month we’ll be sharing helpful tips on how you can make your workplace safer, shed light on the common hazards and safety mistakes (so you can mitigate, and avoid them), give you informative infographics to download, include videos on the importance of reporting to add to your ‘to watch’ list, and many more helpful resources you can use to take part in the National Safe Work Month this October.
Be sure to use the #safeworkmonth hashtag whenever you share a post!

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