October 10, 2017

4 Common Safety Mistakes OHS Managers should Avoid

Every workplace has its potential risks and hazards – yet how these are managed makes all the difference.
Among the various oversights that occur when it comes to workplace health and safety, there are four common ones which OHS managers should aim to reduce or, better yet, avoid.
1. No Housekeeping Rules
The best way of managing risks is prevention. When you are able to ensure there are procedures in place to avoid incidents from occurring, why wouldn’t you incorporate them into your standard housekeeping rules?
2. Electrical Hazards
Electrical hazards vary to each workplace you go to. On construction sites and in industrial settings, dealing with electrical equipment is far greater than in an office for example. Yet you will still encounter overloaded electrical outlets and daisy chaining power strips, which can lead to overheating and in a worst-case scenario a fire.
3. PPE
Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a key component of housekeeping and goes towards ensuring you’re doing what you can to prevent any unnecessary eye injuries, limit your exposure to dust with respirators, and make sure you’re protected when working with chemicals. Having the right PPE protocols in place should be one of the first points of reference for the OHS department; not an easy answer to all safety problems.
4. No Safety Risk Assessments
This is the most common mistake encountered in the workplace, where safety is often taken for granted and the assumption that all bases are already covered is made. Improvements can always be made to better your safety procedures, where your team can share their opinions on what changes should be seen now and how this might positively impact operations long-term.
With the growing role which technology plays in the OHS management space, having a comprehensive and reliable software solution which is able to meet your company-specific needs and help you maintain compliance, is one of the best ways to ensure you have a way of keeping your workforce safe.
To establish a safety-focused and zero-harm work culture, the role of risk assessments is critical. To ensure compliance is met, the right management practices and solutions are your best tools to use.
So to avoid these four common oversights when it comes to your workplace health and safety, find a solution that keeps you on top of your OHS needs.

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