October 16, 2017

Mobilisation, travel requests and workflows – See what else is new with INX +Process, Version 5.4.

INX +Process enables staff and external contractors to log in and submit requests for mobilisation, travel and cancellations through a series of workflow screens. The requests can be configured for approval and finally the booking committed to INX InFlight without the INX InFlight Administrator having to manually enter any data.
INX Version 5.4 features four critical workflows to simplify your operations and drastically improve efficiency.
Mobilisation Request
Allows contracting companies to create a profile, complete all site entry requirements, attach supporting documentation, request travel and accommodation, and submit the request for approval. Requests can then be returned to the initiator for additional details or approved and ready for review by the INX InFlight administrator. The final step in the process is for the INX InFlight administrator to review the request data and either update details or submit the information to the INX InFlight database.
New Booking Request
Users of the system, both internal staff and external contractors, can submit a new booking request for travel and accommodation through the new booking request. The request will follow an approval process and will be finalised by an administrator before being committed to the INX InFlight database.
Cancel Booking Request
This request allows the initiator to view all current bookings for a person across a selected date range and request any appropriate cancellations. After approval and finalisation, the information will be committed to the INX InFlight database where all flights and accommodation will be updated accordingly.
Edit Profile Request
This request allows users to log into INX +Process and request changes to the Person Profile. These changes include emergency contact details and also allow the initiator to request a profile to be deactivated if required.
Configuration Options
INX +Process allows users to configure fields as they wish to view them through the workflows with the ability to:
Make fields mandatory
Hide fields if required
For more information, see wh

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