October 26, 2017

Stay on top of your Compliances and Obligations with the latest INX InForm 5.4

INX InControl Link
Clients harnessing INX InControl will see significant modifications to the INX InControl link as part of this INX InForm release.
INX InControl Link – Events
INX clients who have activated this link can see all INX InControl non-compliance related events within INX InForm that have referenced an obligation. INX InForm now has a dedicated space to look at all INX InControl events where an obligation is referenced such as audits, inspections, incidents and so on. These records can also be accessible against obligation details, providing users with a complete snapshot of activity against the obligation, inclusive of both modules.
INX InForm- Events (General) – INX Version 5.4
Users can filter INX InControl events by type, subtype, obligations and more.
INX InControl Link – Non-Compliance Events
As outlined above, the INX InControl link will capture all events that have referenced an INX InForm obligation. Obligation owners can now flag the INX InControl event types that may trigger a change in the compliance status of the referenced obligation. This activity is captured both on the Events Register and against the relevant Obligation Details.
Obligations – Status
Several new obligation date fields have been added to the Obligation Register to better account for the entire lifecycle of an obligation and its associated status such as application, granted, rejected, appealing, lapsed and expired. This new status management is also associated with notifications to ensure that changes and reminders are sent to the responsible person in due course.
Obligations – Regulators
Users can now record Stakeholders against obligations and flag who the key governing body is. This relationship also assists users when recording communications against the Obligation, filtering what Stakeholders can be selected when adding a record.
Obligations – Close Out
Obligations can now be requested for closeout individually or in a group. Responsible roles will then approve or reject requests for closure and upon closure, the obligations will become inactive. The system will track all changes as these requests move from one status to another until completion.
Obligations – INX InViron Link
Clients with INX InViron can now link samples to obligations. For clients who have this activated, Sample Runs can be visible from within the Obligation Details.
The Obligation Summary and Condition Summary standard reports have been updated to account for the new filters, fields and statuses that were developed within the system.
And much more!
Extra filtering capabilities have been added to all obligation related registers to allow for better analysis and extraction of content within the system that has extra functionality and detail being recorded. Tasks can now also be re-assigned in bulk from one user to another.

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