December 13, 2017

Healthy Work: Managing Stress and Fatigue in the Workplace

What is WorkSafe New Zealand?
The WorkSafe New Zealand organisation is a workplace health and safety regulator. Their vision is for everyone who goes to work, to come home healthy and safe. They lead the way for New Zealand to achieve healthy and safe workplaces by using an engagement, education and enforcement approach.
Why is it important to manage stress and tiredness at work?
Workplace stress and fatigue not only affect productivity but are also seen to affect the physical and emotional health of your workforce.
The effects of work-related stress are increasingly becoming an issue for workplaces and the community. This particularly applies in office environments where workers are experiencing increased stress related to their work.
What you can do about it 
You should always try to eliminate the risk, yet where this is not possible, see how you can minimise the risk. Here are some example control measures you can consider:
  • Set achievable demands for your workers in relation to agreed hours of work
  • Match worker’s skills and abilities to job demands
  • Support workers to have a level of control over their pace of work
  • Develop multi-disciplinary teams to share ideas and perspectives on ways to address situations
  • Involve workers in decisions that may impact their health and safety, and have processes to enable workers to raise issues and concerns they might have
  • Ensure managers and supervisors have the capability and knowledge to identify, understand and support workers who may be feeling stressed
  • Provide workers with access to independent counselling services
  • Have agreed policies and procedures to prevent or resolve unacceptable behaviour
  • Engage and consult with workers before implementing change processes, and ensure they genuinely have the ability to influence the decisions you make
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