March 14, 2018

See What’s New in our Latest Version 5.5 Release

INX InControl - INX Software

Advanced Injury Management and General Insurance

  • The Report Card tab has been added to Injury Management which provides a visual timeline summary of an injury
  • The Report Card reader is a new security role which gives access to the Report Card tab
  • The Report Card chart can be configured via the Report Card Rules Management option
  • The Report Card tab can be switched off via the Injury Management Tab Configuration
The Report Card chart displays aspects of the injury from the date of the event to the case closed date
Data for the chart is derived from the various tabs within Injury Management, with the data being visually represented via data ranges, data points, and plotted lines
Tooltips and the Details panel provide the user with a summary of the data presented on the chart
There are six elements which the user can select; the elements break down the vast amount of data in the injury and re-constructs it into a more useful form

Best Practice Case ManagementThe importance of regular file notes is emphasised when observing the File Note Inactivity Data Range. The colour of the data range changes according to how many days have passed since the last file note.

  • File Note Date
  • File Note Inactivity

INX InControl



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Diagnosis can be flagged on both a Medical Certificate record as well as a Treatment Plan record; these records can be viewed on the Diagnosis Element.

  • Medical certificate issue date
  • Treatment plan start date

INX InControl



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The data used in the Financial Element is derived from the Claim Cost Tab. This data displays the actual cost of the injury as well as the outstanding claim estimate.

  • Amount paid
  • Outstanding estimate

INX InControl


Legislation Compliance

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In Australia, each Jurisdiction has specific requirements for the management of a claim. These Jurisdiction Rules can be configured via the Report Card Rules Management page. Elements include:

  • Event reported date
  • Claim status
  • Return to work plans start date – end date
  • Return to work non-compliance
  • Jurisdiction notification non-compliance

INX InControl


Return to Work Efficacy

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The Return to Work Efficacy Element displays the following data:

  • Treatment plan start date
  • Injury status
  • File note date

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Treatment Efficacy

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The Treatment Efficacy Element summarises the records on the Treatment Plan Tab. Elements include:

  • Treatment plan start date
  • Treatment plan start date – end date

INX InControl


Report Card Rules Management

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The Report Card Rules Management page has been added to the Administration section of INX InControl.  This page allows granted users to configure the rules used within the Report Card Chart.

INX InControl


General Improvements

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During this release the Safety Stream have had a heavy focus on resolving maintenance items. INX InControl clients should experience significant improvement in the Ad hoc and Scheduled Reports areas.

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INX InTuition - INX Software

Display read-only standard competency code


Unique Student Identifier

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As a result of the Council of Australian Governments agreement to provide a tool to allow students to obtain a complete record of all their training enrolments and achievements and the enactment of the Student Identifiers Act 2014, a new field has been added to the Person Profile to record this 10 character identifier. This field can be enabled and disabled through the INX System Settings.

INX InTuition


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INX +LMS - INX Software

Site Contact Profile and Document Validation


Secure Document Validation


Automatic Deactivation of Contractor Profiles based on Inactivity

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INX +LMS has introduced a housekeeping process that automatically deactivates profiles when the worker has not logged in or has not been onsite for a specified number of days. The number of days is dependent on the type of worker. For example, visitor, non-visitor etc.


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INX InFlight - INX Software

Time Zones


Usability Enhancements

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Return build

When a build has been completed, the user is returned to the build initiate page and a message is displayed with the build details. The three pages affected by this change are:

  • Administration build
  • Person rosters build
  • Room build

Ad hoc booking wizard displays waitlisted

The ad hoc booking wizard now displays the number of waitlisted people on all flights listed. This does not include any flights in status of ‘IsPending’.

Copy Rooms

A copy button has been added to Rooms so to reduce the amount of time it takes for Administrators to add new rooms. Existing data is copied and a new room profile is created, the Administrator can then update the field as required.

Select all on check in / check out

A checkbox has been added to the check in / check out screen to allow the user to select all lines on the page displayed.

POB Reporting

If multisite is configured, this version allows the user to select a work port from the dropdown filter and the time zone of that work port will also display to the user (if configured).

Travel Requests

Editor Approval

Security has been introduced to ensure editors cannot approve travel requests by default. If an editor is required to approve travel requests they will also need travel request approver security.

Reader Restriction

A new System Setting has been introduced to restrict Readers from viewing personal information for other profiles when submitting travel requests on their behalf (i.e. roster, email, home, work and mobile phones).


A new System Setting has been introduced to restrict Readers from viewing other profiles when selecting the People menu option.  If this has been enabled and the Reader selects People, this will direct them to their own profile.


As part of the continued evolution of our product range and by working in partnership with our existing clients, we have successfully resolved several key maintenance items which has in turn further optimised the INX InFlight user experience with improvements realised across a number of key areas of functionality.


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INX +TMX - INX Software

INX +TMX eliminates double handling of profile data. INX InFlight becomes the single source of truth for employee profiles with a real-time sync from INX InFlight to Serko and then to your Travel Management Company (TMC).

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INX InFlight allows the user to save preferences including commercial memberships, meal and special preferences and additional travel documents.


An added feature for INX +TMX in Version 5 is the audit log which gives the user access to instant feedback on profile sync and the ability to correct any issues immediately and resubmit within INX InFlight.


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INX +Process - INX Software

Multisite Compatible

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INX InHealth - INX Software

Medical Conditions



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As part of the consultation process, users can now capture treatment related information and populate customised referral and lab request forms as part of this process. Historical treatment records can also be accessed within the same working space to assist users with administering the most appropriate new treatment.

INX InHealth

In conjunction with the above, granted users can also access treatment records from the Person Profile.


Medical Certificates

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In addition to the new treatment functionality, users can also now capture Medical Certificates as part of the consultation process and view historical records. As part of the implementation, clients can utilise the standard Medical Certificate output provided by INX or alternatively, opt for a customised version.

INX InHealth

All Medical Certificate records can furthermore be accessed via the Person Profile by select users.



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INX InHealth has developed a new platform designed to manage Medicines relevant to their workforce. Within a dedicated register, users can log Medications and categorise them using the various fields provided such as Classification, Schedule, Strength, Formulation and Unit of Measure. The Medicines Register also provides a count of the total number of employees on each medication as well as the number of new records added for the month prior.

Select users then have the ability to record Medicines against Person Profiles so that they can maintain and track a history of medication information against an individual. Similarly to the Medical Conditions ‘severity’ feature, users can also opt to flag select Medications that may be of high risk or require attention when managing the health of that individual.

INX InHealth


Occupational Hygiene Quota Planner

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As part of the 2017 Occupational Hygiene project for INX InHealth, INX provided users with the ability to define sample quotas per contaminant/exposure per Similar Exposure Group within a reporting period and track the percentage complete. INX InHealth Version 5.5 has built on from this and provides a collaborative view of all these quotas within the one working space so that users can see all quotas across every Exposure Group.

INX InHealth


General Improvements

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Several minor improvements were addressed within this release cycle, particularly with regards to the occupational hygiene functionality. Introduction of the SEG code in data capture and viewing tools, void sample data management and overall data viewer enhancements have provided new and simpler ways for users to access and manage their hygiene data.

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INX InViron - INX Software

Import Tool Quality Control

Instrument Register

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INX InViron has long had the ability to link samples to equipment. This feature has been better exposed to users to allow them to view instruments in a single page and capture extra information related to calibration dates and instrument categorisation.

INX InViron


Save Searches

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A small but mighty change for our client base is the ability to save searches in the Sample Runs so that as users work through Sample Run Details, they can return to the landing page and maintain their search filters.


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A new standard report is now available within the suite of INX InViron reports. The System User report allows users to extract user information grouped by site/project.

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INX InForm - INX Software

Task Notifications and Scheduling

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The Tasks functionality within INX InForm is an integral part of managing obligations and stakeholder commitments. As part of the Version 5.5 release, we have added in extra scheduling options to allow users to create added variety in their task schedule timing.

Any obligation-related event added into INX InControl will now trigger an INX InForm notification to the relevant Obligation Owner(s).



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A number of the existing standard reports within INX InForm have had some modifications made to improve usability and data extraction. The following reports have been updated:

  • Stakeholder Summary
  • Task Management

A new report has also been added to the standard set of INX InForm reports. The System User report allows users to extract user information grouped by site/project.


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INX +BI - INX Software

INX InFlight Dashboard

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A number of new dashboard reports have been created for INX InFlight through INX +BI.

There has also been work performed to enable enhanced conditional formatting. This allows report developers more flexibility in visualising data including customisable trending arrows/icons, traffic light systems and column formatting.

Accommodation Utilisation


Flight Bookings


Flight Utilisation & Go-Show
/ No-Show


Leave Chart, Roster Deviation & Days On Site



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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will an upgrade take?
This largely depends on the size of your organisation and the number of INX products you have running. A standard upgrade typically takes as little as two days but will vary based on each customer’s individual requirements.

2. Is training required?
This is completely up to you and your company. We offer a range of training options for refresher training, new trainers, custom training or version upgrade training where we take you through the new functionality.

3. Which browsers are compatible with Version 5?
INX Version 5 is compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Windows Edge.

4. How can I get started on an upgrade?
Simply speak to your account manager or contact our team here >

Where can I get more information?

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