April 28, 2018

Top 3 Tech Support Tips and Tricks – April 2017

Across the range of solutions and products you can find here at INX, there are many more frequently asked questions (FAQs), support queries, and tips and tricks; all of which are going to be covered in this monthly Top 3 Support Tips and Tricks column.
Let’s start with three frequently asked questions for the three most popular solution products:
Q: Why is the Lead Investigator dropdown blank once I have assigned a Lead Investigator?
A: The Lead Investigator dropdown on the Investigations tab is not an auto-populated box, and a Lead Investigator will need to be selected. As you can Proceed to Assign Lead Investigator to two different people one will need to be selected in this box.
Q: Why does the Manday and Accommodation Reports, Site and Camp dropdown boxes appear empty when I am trying to run these reports.
A: You do not have Camp security. You will need to have one of the System Administrators for InFlight add you to the relevant Camp on the Camp Security page.
Q: No batched or Immediate Notifications are being sent?
A: This can be due to the Scheduler being stopped. You can restart the Scheduler through the Scheduler Administration page. If the Scheduler button displays as  START then your Scheduler has stopped, and you will need to click the button so it displays as STOP. You will now receive notification as normal.

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