May 22, 2018

Weatherly International: “Now we can be proactive and easily capture and record incidents”

About Weatherly International – Tschudi Mine
Weatherly International are a proven team of mine builders and operators focused on base metals in lower-risk parts of Africa. They seek medium-scale opportunities that do not attract the attention of the major miners, but which are beyond the skill set of junior explorers and/or first-time developer hopefuls.
Their strategic goal is to grow a reliably profitable long-term mining business comprised of these “Weatherly-style” mines.
Weatherly International’s immediate plans are to continue optimising their flagship Tschudi mine while carefully preparing Otjihase (placed on care and maintenance in 2015) for a resumption of operations on a larger scale than previously, targeting sustainable copper production of 30ktpa in Namibia at costs below US$2/lb.


We spoke to Weatherly International, about their need for a workforce management solution to improve their compliance, reduce their risk and increase their productivity.
What were you using to previously manage your workforce in these areas?
Previously we weren’t using any management systems, which meant we had no defined processes.
What have been some notable changes since implementing the system?
Since implementing INX, the most notable positive change has been the introduction of a systematic process around the capturing, recording and recording of incidents which allows for more proactive management.
How would you describe the training and implementation services provided to you during the project?
The training and implementation services provided by the INX team have always been good. We have had on-site training, and can always get in touch with the INX support team via email.
What would you say to someone in the market looking for a solution like INX?
I would strongly recommend INX to others who are interested in finding a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to improve safety and reporting.
Finding the Right Solution
Increase compliance and adopt a proactive approach to occupational health and safety management systems. Manage everything from incidents to audits with INX InControl.
Reduce training costs, simplify course management and ensure your employees and contractors remain compliant with INX InTuition.


Where can I get more information?

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