June 25, 2018

NSC Fatigue Survey Reports – Part 1: Causes and Consequences of Employee Fatigue

Key takeouts:
Part 1 in the series on the prevalence of fatigue in the American workforce focuses on employees’ personal risk factors.
Fatigue in the Workplace: Causes and Consequences of Employee Fatigue, breaks down a probability-based survey of more than 2,000 working adults and their experience with fatigue.
The report shows that 97% of workers have at least one workplace fatigue risk factor, while more than 80% have more than one risk factor.
When multiple risk factors are present, the potential for injuries on the job increases.
Fatigue can have detrimental effects on a person’s health and safety both on and off the job. It is a problem that has, in the past, gone largely unaddressed. This report can be used as a tool to educate employers on this critical safety issue.

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