June 27, 2018

See What’s New in our Latest INX Version 5.6 Release

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Obligations Selector
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    The Obligation Conditions tab (which interfaces through to INX InForm) has new filters and search controls now available to assist with searching large amounts of records.

    A multi-select filter for Site/Area as well as a free text field has been added to INX InControl to mirror the organisations selector in INX InForm.

    INX InControl - Obligations Selector - INX Software



    Exposure Hours from INX InFlight
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    The “Copy from InFlight” button on the Exposure Details page has been modified to not only bring in new records from INX InFlight, but to also seamlessly update existing details already imported into INX InControl to eliminate double data entry.

    JPEG Preview - INX InControl



    A new thumbnail preview has been added above the documents tab to allow users to preview pictures when they are added as an attachment.



    Significant work has been completed to review and update the logic for Prerequisites, Equivalencies and Exceedances with regards to the how they drive what appears on a Person Profile through the Competency, Compliance, Procedure and Role Status tabs. This also extends to the overall Capability Matrix and Needs Matrix.



    Suspended Training Requirements
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    Work has been completed to review and update the Role Status, Matrices and CCP Variance Report to ensure that any suspended requirements are taking into account when displaying the results.



    Unique Student Identifier (USI)
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    In order to meet the legislative requirements to limit the disclosure of trainees’ USI, Training Events have been updated to allow an Individual Training Event to indicate whether the USI’s can be displayed.

    This is a System Setting which can be enabled as further work is completed to include USI’s on reports.

    2.3 Unique Student Identifier (USI)



    INX +LMS has been updated to automatically enrol trainees in a course when a procedure is about to expire. This ensures that workers remain complaint whilst saving significant time and administrative efforts. This will result in the procedure course being displayed on the development plan and will only apply to active procedures.



    Additional fields captured in +LMS Profile
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    The +LMS profiles can now record address fields which will be propagated to INX once the profile is validated.



    The LMS archive plugin has been upgraded to reset course completion records once they have been propagated across to INX. This update will automatically run every 24 hours at midnight.



    When navigating to the Travel Confirmation from the Person Rosters tab, the ‘Email this Report’ option is now pre-populated with the traveler’s name.



    The “Security Users” page name has been changed to “User Management” to ensure consistency between INX InFlight and INX +Process.



    Person Accommodation Saving Duplicates
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    When a user now assigns a room to a person profile, they have the ability to click the green tick twice to enter two records. The system has been configured to disable the icon until processing is complete.



    Removal of the ‘This mapping already exists’ error message when editing a work site and mapping a port.



    Do Not Allow Ports Duplicate Values
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    Duplicate port values (e.g. PER and Per) can no longer be created to eliminate mix ups in flight bookings and flight management.



    When editing a cleaning roster, the roster preview is now updated so the user can view the change as it happens.



    Multisite, Outgoing Flight for ‘Other Work Port’ Default Update
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    When completing an ad hoc booking and selecting flights that are owned by a different worksite, the outgoing flight now defaults to ‘pending’.



    Accommodation wait listing has been removed by default; this can be turned back on by INX if required through the System Settings function.


    Version 5.6 of INX +Process allows the Initiator to complete all areas of a booking before being sent for Approval. Once the bookings are reviewed by the Administrator these can be committed with very little work on the Administrator
    s side. Edit functionality is available at this stage if changes need to be made.


    We have added the ability to change a Roster with the New Booking workflow so that:
    1) When sending someone to site for the first time is a simple Mobilisation task
    2) Frequent roster changes for people can be managed faster and easier
    3) Roster, travel or both roster and travel changes can be completed in the one seamless workflow

    Allowing ‘Revert to Planned’ allows the user to ‘undo’ an ad hoc booking that has been made, for example, if the Annual Leave needs to be cancelled, the user can revert the Roster Days back to the Planned Roster. If a person does not have a roster, the booking will be removed and nothing will display.

    This change enables Administrators to significantly reduce data entry which ensures more seamless automation between INX +Process and INX InFlight. 


    The updated Mobilisation workflow allows Initiators to capture additional details before submitting the workflows for approval. These additional details include:
    • Work status codes
    • Flight selector
    • Cost centre, roster day details
    • Workgroup, roster day details

    Administrators can now commit bookings with greater ease via the stage summary which will push the booking workflow directly into INX InFlight.

    Mobilisation Workflow INX Software INX +Process



    The Booking Details tab has been updated to now include roster changes when completing a new workflow. The new roster will also be added to the Persons roster in INX InFlight while the old roster will be given an end date. Administrators can now confirm these changes easier with the commit or edit function.

    Roster Change New Booking INX Software INX +Process



    The Cancellation workflow has been updated to allow the Initiator to capture the work status code. The Administrator can use the new edit function to amend a booking or ‘revert to planned’ option.

    Cancellation Workflow INX Software INX +Process



    The INX InHealth consultation functionality has been re-designed and directed to a dedicated clinic register working space. Here, users can now progress through a consultation using the tabular design applied throughout the remainder of INX.

    As part of this design process, a number of the tabs against each consultation have been improved. Users can now also incorporate medications into a consultation.

    Clinic Register INX Software INX InHealth



    The last two releases have included significant enhancements to the way by which consultations are managed. As a result, we have created a new space to manage health-related tests to allow users to quickly capture and save health-related data. These records are then combined with any consultation activity an
    d stored against a person profile.

    Health Monitoring Register INX Software INX InHealth



    With changes to both consultations and the addition of a new Health Monitoring Register, the Health Calendar has been updated to include both register activity as well as some design improvements.

    Health Calendar INX Software INX InHealth



    Event custom fields that have been created within INX InControl are now available for view through INX +BI. These custom fields are accessible through the Event Custom Fields view. You can use this standalone where there is enough detail in the view to support your requirement, or you can sub-query it into other reports, joining on the Event ID or Reference fields and filtering on the Custom Field Name.

    If you need multiple custom fields, you can sub-query the view multiple times, filtering on the Custom Field Name.

    View Fields:

    View Fields INX Software INX +BI

    Example report output:

    This report has been filtered to include only the Work Order Required custom field.

    Example Report Output INX Software +BI



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How long will an upgrade take?
    This largely depends on the size of your organisation and the number of INX products you have running. A standard upgrade typically takes as little as two days but will vary based on each customer’s individual requirements.

    2. Is training required?
    This is completely up to you and your company. We offer a range of training options for refresher training, new trainers, custom training or version upgrade training where we take you through the new functionality.

    3. Which browsers are compatible with Version 5?
    INX Version 5 is compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Windows Edge.

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    Simply speak to your account manager or contact our team here >

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