June 28, 2018

Meet the Team: Cassandra our Implementation Consultant

Cassandra is one of our implementation consultants, based in our Perth office. See what things she does at INX!

When did you start at INX?
January 2018
What is your Role/Title?
Implementation Consultant
What things do you do at INX?
  1. Gathering and assessing client requirements
  2. Cleansing and validating large datasets
  3. Configuring databases to meet these requirements
  4. Client training and support through the process

Place of Birth
Adelaide, South Australia
Top 3 Favourite Foods
  1. Pork belly
  2. Lamb shanks
  3. Vietnamese pho
Favourite Travel Location
Singapore or the Channel Islands
Top 3 Things you Enjoy doing Outside of Work
  1. Live music
  2. Beach
  3. Walking/hiking

Where can I get more information?

Want to know more? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us >
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