July 4, 2018

Unsure about how OHS Regulatory Amendments will impact you? Download your Free copy of the Regulatory Amendment Workplan 2017-2019 to find out

What is WorkSafe BC?

WorkSafe BC is a Canadian organisation which is committed to creating a province free from workplace injury or illness, and to providing service driven by their core values of integrity, accountability, and innovation. By partnering with workers and employers, they help British Columbians come home from work safe every day and ensure they are kept up to date with the latest OHS regulatory amendments and changes.

Their aims are:
  • Champion safe and healthy workplaces
  • Save lives and prevent injury and disability
  • Deliver outstanding service to workers and employers
  • Provide and support excellent medical and rehabilitative care to workers
  • Preserve the financial integrity and sustainability of the compensation system
  • Learn, lead, and share
About this report
This report, the 2017 – 2019 Regulatory Amendment Workplan (“Workplan”) consists of 15 proposed amendment projects and three additional projects requiring preliminary work, and will enable you to observe if/how the OHS Regulatory Amendments will apply to you.

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