August 29, 2018

Get the Latest Insights from the Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) with their Journal of Health and Safety Research and Practice

What is the Safety Institute of Australia?

The Safety Institute of Australia is the national association for the health and safety profession. Their vision is for safe and healthy workers in productive workplaces, and pursue this vision by working to build the skills, knowledge and capability of the health and safety profession, and being a voice for that profession.
What they aim to achieve
Their members are people who work at all levels within Australian companies in a variety of health and safety roles, from those who work at the shop floor level to implement safe and healthy work practices, right through the company to senior executive heads of health safety and environment.
They join with many corporate and strategic partners who share these goals and work with them to achieve these.
About this journal
This 2017 issue covers these two main topics:
  1. Facilitating occupational noise management: The use of a smartphone app as a noise exposure, risk management tool
  2. Asbestos fibre concentrations and health risks resulting from fire impacted properties with asbestos materials

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