September 5, 2018

How 11 Mental Health Symptoms can Affect our Day-to-Day Life

Declining mental health can negatively affect your physical health. Research shows that declining mental health can even change your behavior, for example, increase risk-taking and poor choices as well as impact negatively on what you choose to eat and how often. A chronic health condition can cause mental health decline manifesting itself into illness such as depression.
All can lead to decreased physical health and ultimately a shorter life.
In this post, we present 11 symptoms that are the result of declining mental health.
1. Weight Loss ∨
2. Increased Weight and Obesity ∨
3. Frequent Headaches ∨
4. Tiredness and Fatigue ∨
5. Panick Attacks ∨
6. Chronic Pain Symptoms ∨
7. Rashes, Eczema and Acne ∨
8. Tics and Muscle Twitches ∨
9. Sinus Problems ∨
10. Nausea ∨

11. Dry Mouth, Cavities and Gum Disease ∨


What can you do?
In our next post, we will be sharing 9 self-care strategies you can use to make the days (and nights) a little easier.
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Dr. Susanne Bahn, Director and CEO, Tap into Safety

With over 11 years’ consultancy and 9 years’ research including more than 50 published journal articles, Sue knows her way around safety in hazardous workplaces. Her specific expertise focuses on induction deafness, risk blindness and risk management. A passionate individual, Sue is on a mission to lift the safety standard across Australia and internationally. Her qualifications include a PhD (Business – Health and Safety Management), a Masters in Human Resource Management, a Bachelor of Education and a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education. In July 2017 Sue was appointed as a panel member of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Small Business Finance Advisory Panel. This appointment is an exciting opportunity to provide the Bank with valuable information on the financial and economic conditions faced by small businesses throughout Australia.


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