September 18, 2018

Have you Implemented your Health and Safety System Effectively?

At Intesafety, we regularly undertake reviews of PCBU Health and Safety Systems and Processes. This isn’t only for compliance purposes, but also as a measure of whether it “fits” the organisation and is relative to their risk profile.
It’s not surprising that while health and safety systems are developed with the resources and maturity of the organisation in mind, they often lack clarity around how it should be implemented – and more importantly, the functional requirements of the system.
In other words –  they’re strong on the what is required, but short on the how, who, when and what tools to assist with!
As Safety Consultants (we prefer the term Safety Partners), providing health and safety plans to organisations that have the internal health and safety expertise and resources to develop the required processes is fine.
However, it would not be appropriate to deliver off-the-shelf systems to (in some cases) naive clients and then provide little or no implementation support or guidance.
There isn’t a one-stop shop for a health and safety system
We recognise that in some cases the client does not wish to expend additional resources on implementation support for their plans. If this is the case, then we should be questioning the purpose of the plan request in the first place.
If Safety Consultants are delivering plans without assisting clients with the application/implementation of the plan requirements, we should be asking: how is this improving the client’s safety programme and management of risk?
I know – this sounds like a Safety Consultant with a conscience!
A compliant safety management system should be:
  • Based on the business risks
  • Tailored to the organisation’s resources
  • In-line with modern approaches in Health and Safety management
  • Inclusive of the support mechanisms to enable full implementation and ongoing application
Look objectively at your business Health and Safety system and ask:
  • How well has your plan been applied?
  • Does it cover your specific risks?
  • Do the key people actually know it exists and lead its functionality?
  • Is it in line with a modern approach such as ISO 45001 standard?
  • How do you measure its success?
  • How do you continuously improve it?
  • Does management regularly review the system and its performance?
At Intesafety, we can provide plans enabling organisations to fast track their health and safety system to ISO 45001 standards. Or, we can provide a small business plan enabling smaller PCBUs to effectively communicate, implement, and monitor their safety systems.
We provide ongoing guidance and support at a level requested by the client, but also highlight the drawbacks where a plan or systems application falls short.
Making your Health & Safety Management more user-friendly
Intesafety is the New Zealand partner for INX InControl. This scalable HSEQ Management software solution enables you to:
  • Centralise workflow
  • Manage events and actions (i.e. incidents, hazards, audits, inspections, meetings, risks, hazards, equipment, people and much more)
  • Enable instant oversight of your HSEQ data
  • Immediately access live reporting/analysis data within the user-friendly mobile app
The right health and safety software fits easily and conveniently with your management plan requirements.
What’s Next?
We offer a free initial discussion around your existing systems and can offer assistance with any development and implementation required.
With the right management system in place, you can drive the correct attitudes and behaviours – we’re here to partner with you to achieve that.

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