October 4, 2018

HSR Handbook: a Guide for Health and Safety Representatives in Oil & Gas

Purpose of this handbook
NOPSEMA developed this handbook for HSRs as:
  • A guide on how to exercise the powers given to you by the legislation
  • A resource for you to refer to when you are selected or when you attend your accredited HSR training course
What this handbook contains
This handbook describes:
  • Your role, functions and powers as a HSR
  • Consultation arrangements under the legislation
  • Your responsibilities and the responsibilities of others involved in health and safety
  • The processes of hazard identification, assessment and control
  • Procedures for resolving health and safety issues
  • Where to find more information

Key takeouts:

This handbook is designed as a quick help guide for HSRs. It is not a substitute for legislation. In all circumstances, the legislation overrides anything contained in this handbook.
While the handbook discusses the manner in which an HSR may discharge their duties, the best solution is for the workforce, HSRs and the operator to agree on ways of working together with regard to OHS matters. The legislation requires such a policy to be developed – refer to Schedule 3, Clause 9(2)(i) of the OPGGS Act

Where can I get more information?

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