October 12, 2018

How Becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise will Affect your Reporting

Data Industrialization

Today, data is everywhere—in industry, in business, in our day-to-day lives. And it’s growing all the time.
As digitalization takes ever greater hold, and as millions of new data-rich devices connect in new ways, the volume of data available to the enterprise is growing exponentially. It’s enabling unprecedented levels of insight. In fact, becoming data-driven is the new tablestakes for enterprise success.

What this research report covers:

  • Data is everywhere today, growing constantly and enabling unprecedented insights. Becoming data-driven is the new table stakes for enterprise success.
  • What does it mean to be a data-driven enterprise? It means maximizing the value of your data and treating it as a differentiated asset. It means using data as the basis for critical decision-making through high-quality analytics.
  • In short, you must think of your data, and the analytics that rely on it, as a “product” that’s essential for driving desired outcomes.
  • Accenture Labs’ data maturity model charts the journey to data “industrialization,” an ideal state where enterprise leaders tap the best available data at any time for actionable insights and optimized decisions.

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