October 17, 2018

NSC Fatigue Survey Reports: 73% do not Communicate to Employees About Fatigue

Key takeouts:

Fatigue in the Workplace: Risky Employer Practices, Part 2 of the NSC series, looks at workplace practices and policies that contribute to worker fatigue, such as night shift and overtime scheduling, lack of time off between shifts and a lack of rest areas in the workplace.
Top survey findings include:
  • 90% of employers want to understand root causes of employees’ fatigue, but only 55% say they will adjust schedules or tasks
  • 74% underestimate the prevalence of fatigue in the workforce
  • 73% do not communicate to employees about fatigue
  • 61% do not believe employees are comfortable telling them if they were too tired to perform their job safely
  • 51% assign a night shift to an employee immediately before or after a day shift
  • 60% lack a designated area for employees to rest

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