November 16, 2018

“Our target is a 25% reduction in serious workplace injuries by 2020”

“Changing the way we manage health and safety at work.”

Key takeouts:

  • “We call for an urgent, sustainable step-change in harm prevention activity and a dramatic improvement in outcomes to the point where this country’s workplace health and safety performance is recognised among the best in the world in 10 years’ time.” – Report of the Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety
  • Too many people are being harmed and killed while at work in New Zealand. Our serious injury, fatality and occupational disease rates are unacceptably high. In addition, they are not showing significant improvement in contrast to other countries we like to compare ourselves to, such as the UK and Australia. In these countries, their approach to the issues is producing significant decreases to their rates of workplace harm
  • Working Safer outlines the Government’s plan to improve New Zealand’s workplace health and safety system with the involvement and support of businesses and workers. The Government has set an ambitious target of at least a 25% reduction in workplace

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