November 28, 2018

Agriculture: Livestock Farmers Account for 36% of Worker Fatalities

Key takeouts:

  • Worker fatality rates are high with 14.6 fatalities per 100,000 workers and apart from some year-on-year volatility there has been no dramatic improvement over the last 10 years
  • Serious claims rates are high with 8.8 serious claims per million hours worked. However, the rates have decreased by 30% over the last decade
  • In line with the older demographic of the industry, older workers account for the majority of worker fatalities, however, younger workers recorded the highest serious claim frequency rates
  • The sheep, beef cattle and grain farming sub-sector accounts for the majority of serious claims and worker fatalities
  • Livestock farmers account for 36% of worker fatalities
  • Farm, forestry and garden workers account for almost 50% of serious claims
  • Vehicle incidents account for 25% of worker fatalities, followed by rollover of non-road vehicles (16%)
  • Being hit by an animal, muscular stress while handling objects, falls from a height, and falls on the same level all account for 11% of serious claims

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