December 6, 2018

Public Administration: Serious claims declined 33%

Key takeouts:
  • Worker fatalities are relatively low with 7 fatalities per year
  • Serious claims rates are slightly higher than the average rate with 7.1 serious claims per million hours worked, but has declined by 33% since 2010-11
  • Workers aged 35-54 years account for the majority of worker fatalities and have the highest serious claim frequency rates
  • The public order, safety and regulatory services sub-sector accounts for over 50% of serious claims and 46% of worker fatalities
  • Protective security workers account for 29% of worker fatalities and 46% of serious claims
  • Vehicle incidents account for 46% of worker fatalities
  • Falls on the same level and muscular stress while handling objects both account for 14% of serious claims

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