December 13, 2018

Improve Your Occupational Hygiene and Medical Surveillance Management with INX InHealth

We have recently added a tonne of new features to INX InHealth across Medical Surveillance and Occupational Hygiene.
Medical Surveillance:
  • New Clinic Register
  • Workflow now defined by consultation process
  • Medical Conditions Tab – capture individual’s medical conditions along with a level of severity
  • Medications Tab – capture medication against a person
  • Medical Certificates – create medical certificates for a person
  • Treatment – capture treatment administered to a person
  • New Health Monitoring Register
  • Ability to create quick grab sample tests and navigate easily from one to the next, or new
  • Medications Register
  • Medical Conditions Register
  • Site Security enforced
  • People Register Improvements: create bookings from here and view a person’s history and all health information from their profile
Occupational Hygiene:
  • Manage Similar Exposure Groups and capture exposure risks
  • Create a sampling strategy to meet quota requirements
  • Build and design your own hygiene sampling data collection sheets and receive data automatically from the lab
  • Utilise the built-in Quebec, TWA and Brief and Scala models to calculate the adjusted occupational exposure limit
  • Highlight exceedances
  • Create Employee Letters from the system
  • Query and export data
  • IHSTAT report
  • Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) report for entering hygiene results into their system (mandatory for WA operations)

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