December 13, 2018

New Zealand’s vision for the Future of Workplace Health & Safety

In their words:
“We believe that far more resource must go into preventing ill-health, injury and death – and that the returns will come in greater quality of life for New Zealanders, higher productivity, and reduced medical and other costs.”
Key takeouts:
  • A key challenge in addressing workplace health and safety is that it requires balancing the interests and needs of a number of participants, particularly employers and workers
  • “We believe that the Government’s target to achieve a 25 percent reduction by 2020 in workplace injuries and fatalities is realistic, but far from what we should aspire to. It would still mean that too many workers are killed and seriously injured”
  • “Our vision is that within 10 years New Zealand will be among the best places in the world for people to go to work each day and come home safe and sound. We believe that this is absolutely possible, but it will require an urgent, broad-based step-change in approach and a seismic shift in attitude”
More information

If you’d like to learn more about the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ) and what they do, visit their website.

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