January 21, 2019

Seven New Realities in the Future of Work

The work of tomorrow
Technological and social forces are transforming how work gets done, who does it, and even what work looks like. In an effort to understand how organizations can rethink their approaches in the face of the evolution of work, and how the work of tomorrow will most likely look like, Deloitte has put together this report. It taps into the wisdom of crowds by asking leading thinkers what they think are the most important driving forces shaping the work-related realities of tomorrow – the future of work.
The Evolution of Work: New Realities Facing Today’s Leaders report
The complexities and opportunities posed by the future of work may seem limitless, and they can present newfound realities to multiple stakeholders. Considering a wide range of perspectives on the future of work allowed them to view the issue from a variety of viewpoints, yielding a fuller picture of the transformations underway.
This enabled Deloitte to put together a study and report on the findings, where they’ve identified seven new realities we can expect at work in the future. These are:
  1. Exponential organisations
  2. Lifelong reinvention
  3. The unleashed workforce
  4. Technology, talent, and transformation
  5. The ethics of work and society
  6. The nimble enterprise
  7. Regulated innovation

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