February 14, 2019

Can Risk Management be a Service?

Risk managers have a unique competency to identify and analyse risks using advanced tools like scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, decision trees and Monte-Carlo simulations. This toolset can significantly improve business decision making. And just like any other service or tool it needs to be marketed to the rest of the organisation.
Risk management needs to be seen as an internal service offering.
It is up to the risk managers need to make management aware and to promote its quantitative risk analysis and risk modelling services to the business. Risk managers should have a clearly documented value proposition for its services, including:
  • Documented methodology
  • Estimation of time and company resources
  • Expected benefits
  • Reporting templates and examples

For more info, you can watch the video.

Alex Sidorenko - Risk Academy - Risk Management - Feature Writer - INX Software

Alex Sidorenko, Owner and Chief Risk Officer, Risk-Academy

Alex Sidorenko is an expert with over 14 years of private equity, sovereign wealth fund risk management experience across Australia, Russia, Poland, and Kazakhstan.

He is the owner and Chief Risk Officer at Risk-Academy, which provides risk management education and consulting services, and the Risk Management Advisor at Neironix.

In 2014, Alex was named the Risk Manager of the Year by the Russian Risk Management Association.

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