February 27, 2019

See What’s New in our Latest INX Version 5.8 Release

INX InControl Mobile

User Favourites

  • User Favourites have been introduced in Mobile to replace the previous selections option while working offline.
  • When logging into the app for the first time users will be prompted to set up the new Favourites via the settings within the App.
  • User Favourites can be set up at any time via settings or from within an event, though the user must be online to create the Favourites list. If the user has not set up any Favourites they can still proceed through the app and select the “I will choose later” option.

People Favourites

  • The star next to the people selectors indicate that favourites can be selected. If the user is online they have the option to create favourites by clicking on the star. The Responsibility field on actions is now mandatory as per event type configuration and must be entered in order to save and action.

Work-group Favourites

  • The star next to the workgroup selectors indicate that favourites can be selected. If the user is online they have the option to create favourites by clicking on the star. The Workgroup field on the Event Details and Create Checklist screens is now mandatory and must be entered in order to save/proceed.

Location Screen Improvements

  • Users interacting with the location screen will see noticeable improvement in the speed of the page and usability of selecting the correct address using the drag and drop technique.

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    INX InFlight - INX Software

    Cleaning Enhancements
    INX InFlight Version 5.8 includes some added features to further improve the cleaning functionality already introduced in October last year (Version 5.7).
    Align Cleaning Rosters
    INX InFlight users can now align cleaning rosters with the person in the room.
    Each time a person is booked into a room, and their roster has a cleaning roster aligned, then the cleaning schedule of the room will be updated (in the next build).
    Note: If the person in a room does not have a roster, or the person’s roster does not have a cleaning roster aligned, then existing InFlight functionality is unaffected i.e. the cleaning roster will be as per the Room details.

    Each cleaning roster can be aligned to one or more rosters (aligned rosters can be added or deleted).

    The aligned cleaning roster can be viewed, added, updated or deleted in Roster Details

    When the occupant has departed (or the next occupant doesn’t have an aligned cleaning roster) then the cleaning schedule will revert to the cleaning roster on the Room Details.

    Note: Departure Cleans will always be applied as per the Room Details.

    Cleaning Calendar View – Number of Cleans

    The cleaning calendar (introduced in Version 5.7) will now include the total number of cleans per day.
    When a user hovers over the Total Cleans for a day, they will see the breakdown of clean types and the total number of hours.
    Note: If clean types do not have a number of Labour Minutes configured, then only the number of cleans will show.

    Manage Clean Types (Accommodation Editors)

    Prior to Version 5.8 only INX InFlight administrators (or system administrators) could manage Clean Types.  This administration function can now be given to Accommodation Editor and Editor Security levels.

    The existing Room Clean Types page allows users to view, add, edit or delete Clean Types.

    INX InFlight Usability

    In Version 5.8 we took the opportunity to enhance the quality of the INX InFlight user experience.

    Group Maintenance for Rooms

    Another 2 options have been added to the actions which can be performed on a group of rooms, allowing users to activate or deactivate the selected rooms

    Manage Favourites

    Whilst INX InFlight Editors have always had the ability to create favourites lists in INX InFlight, their ability to man
    age the lists has been limited up until now.

    From Version 5.8, INX InFlight Accommodation Editors, Editors, Administrators and System Administrators will be able to manage their favourites via a new option in the People menu.  The new page allows users to add, edit and delete favourites lists.  After selecting a list it is possible to add more people (multiple people at a time) or remove individual people.

    Note: The existing Administration pages for User Favourites and User Favourites People will still be available for administrators to manage lists, for example to remove public lists owned by someone who has left the organisation.

    Camp Security

    The process of assigning camp security to people has been simplified in Version 5.8.

    Previously, in order to assign more than one camp to a person, the camps had to be added one-at-a-time. From Version 5.8 it is possible to assign multiple camps to a person at the same time.

    Administration Page Security

    In addition to allowing Accommodation Editors to manage clean types, from INX InFlight Version 5.8 all other administration pages can be given to Accommodation Editor and Editor Security levels (and above).

    INX InFlight System Administrators can do this via the existing Administration Page Security screen.


    A few other small usability items were included in Version 5.8:

    1. Renamed “Roster For” in Daily Activity Status to reflect its actual use i.e. Company Level Selector.

    2. Changed sort order on Room Status to descending date order i.e. most recent entry is at the top.

    3. Made buttons in Personal Profile > Rosters tab easier to find.

    4. Introduced the ability for users to add an ABN to an Employer.


    We’ve been working behind the scenes on our integration capability and Version 5.8 has added to this:

    1. API Gateway: This gives a degree of separation between INX InFlight and external-facing APIs to enable secure deployments.

    2. Role-Based Security: External users of the APIs will need be authorised, and will only be given access to APIs according to their assigned role.

    3. API Documentation: Each INX InFlight installation from Version 5.8 will include the ability to review API documentation in Swagger.

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    INX InTuition - Version 5.8

    Organisation pre-qualification status display

    se users of INX core products and INX Connect will be provided the ability to enter ABN’s in their core module. If the ABN matches with one of their ‘known suppliers’ in INX Connect, the supplier status will show on the ‘person profile’ in the core module.

    Export function improvements for matrices

    The ‘Export to Excel’ button and the ‘Export All’ checkbox have been moved to be next to the Search Button. INX InTuition now allows these options to be selected, without having to select the search button first for the Skills, Capability, Needs matrices and Export to Excel functions.

    Training Event listing – training events prior to current date

    An offset of -1 day has been added to the training events listing page. The offset is based on the server date. This is to cater to the different time zones of our users. This also has the added benefit of allowing more time for administration before the event goes into the historical event list. For Australasian-based users this means events will stay in the listing page for up to one day more than the event occurrence date (depending on your time zone).

    Manage Favourites

    Administrators and System Administrators now have the option to manage their own favourite’s lists under the ‘People’ menu. The pages for managing user favourites will remain under the Administration menu to allow management of other users favourite lists.

    Usability enhancements

    The following usability enhancements have been made in the Version 5.8 release of INX InTuition:

  • The Training Event Report and Training Booking Confirmation Report have been modified to display information for multiple day training events.
  • Appointment Compliance Validity Report:
  • Equivalent and Exceeding Compliances with a status of not expired will no longer display in the report.
  • Equivalent and Exceeding Compliances with a status of about to expire will display in the report with the status of about to expire and display the Compliance Date and Expiry Date.
  • Person competency/compliance expiry now inclusive of expiry day.
  • Person Profile Report expiry dates now showing for equivalent and exceeding competencies.
  • When viewing the Procedure Folders page, the information panel (directly under the page title) is full width, regardless of the viewport (width of the browser/device). 

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    INX +LMS - INX Software

      User Profile Validation

      The Profile Validation page has been updated to display details of INX Profiles that are already linked to LMS Profiles.
      When a new profile is added to LMS, through self-registration, the system attempts to find a matching profile in INX. Where there is one or more possible matches, a link is displayed on the profile validation screen which takes the user to this screen.
      This screen displays the new LMS profile with the pertinent information at the top of the screen and then lists all the possible INX profiles that are potential matches. If any of those INX profiles are already linked to an LMS profile, then the details of that +LMS profile are displayed in the second to last column.
      In the example below, John Smith (DOB: 10/04/1975), has self-registered using a Gmail account and is returning to site with a new employer. The system identifies that there is already a possible match in INX for this profile, with the old employer and old work email address, and provided that this is actually the same profile, then the LMS Administrator can select the match.

      Upon saving the selection, the system will warn the user that the existing LMS profile will be deleted and the new LMS profile will be linked to the selected INX Profile.

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      INX InHealth - INX Software

        Occupational Hygiene

        Fix: Adding person to Similar Exposure Groups (SEG) drop-down search and GUID display
        Fix: Editing Ad-hoc Reports with new fields
        Fix: IE buttons rendering differently on some computers
        Fix: Clinic Overview, Exposure Group Allocation Pending was showing incorrect data.
        Fix: Do not allow a person to be active across two SEGs. Occurred when the End Date of the previous SEG was inserted in the ‘future’.
        Fix: Hygiene Data Viewer was displayed ‘duplicate’ data across two SEGs.
        Improvement: Show whole Similar Exposure Group name in the header details (previously truncated).
        Improvement: The Sample Event ID will be automatically fed into the Employee Letter report on the Sample Event so that the user does not need to select from the drop-down.
        Improvement: Display the warning/information message when SEG person dates have changed for a longer period of time (flashed for a few seconds previously).
        Improvement: Ability to make Data Field, Unit of Measure and Monitoring Details changes where a data field has more than one unit of measure.
        NEW: New Monitoring Details parameter for the Hygiene Data Viewer. This will allow users to filter the results based on their monitoring details. The Data Fields filter will also be restricted to fields that belong in the Monitoring Details.
        NEW: Added Lab Ref to the Hygiene Data Viewer.
        NEW: Added Hyperlink to the Hygiene Data Viewer to take the user back to the relevant sample.
        NEW: Create an ability to force run calculated fields. This function is only available for the implementation consultants for the moment.


        Medical Surveillance

        Fix: People can only have one open Medical Condition of the same name open at a time.
        Fix: Selecting Outcome on the Health Monitoring Test cleared the data in the evaluation form.
        Improvement: Today’s date is inserted in the Health Monitoring ‘To Date’ filter so that the tests are ordered by active or overdue tests.
        Improvement: The consultation ID will be automatically fed into the Referral, Lab Request and Medical Certificate reports.


        Occupational Hygiene, and Medical Surveillance

        NEW: New Reports header in the navigation pane where Standard and Custom reports will be available for users. This page is covered by the security module so can be restricted to certain users.
        NEW: Eight ad hoc report views have been added to the system to help users extract data from the system.
        Case Summary; summary of entire consultation along with medical conditions, medications, treatment and medical certificates information.
        Consultation Summary; summary of high level consultation.
        Person Medical Certificates: summary of person medical certificate records.
        Person Medical Conditions: summary of person medical conditions records.
        Person Medications: summary of person medication records.
        Person Treatment: summary of person treatment records.
        Person SEG Management: person SEG relationship.

        SEG Management: SEG summary.

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        INX InViron - Version 5.8 


        Fix: Sample Run document error
        Fix: Sample Run approver error where there is more than one approver
        Fix: Notifications sent to both approvers where more than one linked to a person.
        Fix: Quick chart standard line would not be removed when another standard or blank standard was selected. Also updated button to Create to avoid cut off.
        Improvement: Ability to link the Data Table to the Site and the related Browse Data (for multi-site clients).
        Improvement: Data Table page no longer defaults to the first table and prevent accidentally making changes to the wrong table.
        Improvement: Prompt the user to save before leaving the Field Log Sheet and Browse Data pages.
        Improvement: User was unable to select a previously selected page when navigating from another page.
        NEW: Link created in Browse Data to take user to the sample in sample runs directly.
        NEW: Ability to exclude outlier data from results in the Sample Run Import Report Tab.
        NEW: Ability to show or hide outlier data from Data Viewer and Browse Data.

        NEW: Link to the User Management Tool (UMT) to allow users to reset their password (for INX hosted clients only).

        Reports: Updates

        Several reports have been updated to allow users to show or hide Outlier data. These are:
        Statistics Data Table:
        Update the Standard filter to apply Point-Specific standard searches.
        Include ‘Show Outlier Data’ option to show or hide outlier data.
        Outlier data and comments displayed in table below the report.
        Removed MDL row.
        Displaying Rec ID and Lab Ref.
        Ability to schedule the Statistics Data Table report (change the date options).
        Performance improvements
        Standard Charts:
        Include ‘Show Outlier Data’ option to show or hide outlier data.
        Tooltip updated to show ‘outlier’.
        Change marker display of outlier data.
        Parameter Charts:
        Include ‘Show Outlier Data’ option to show or hide outlier data.
        Exceedance Reports:
        Include ‘Show Outlier Data’ option to show or hide outlier data.

        Outlier data and comments displayed in table below the report.

        Reports: New

        Time Series Report: Extract all data for sample points, but display each column as a point. Each parameter has its own page.

        Statistics Data – Fields by Standard Report: Filter the data field selection on you report by the standard selected.

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        INX InViron Mobile - Version 5.8


          NEW: Photo capture from the device available. See Field Log Sheet.
          NEW: Lab reference added to Field Log Sheet.

          Fix: Previous logged in user still displayed when next user logs in.

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          INX InForm
          Maintenance Fixes

          1. Users that are self-verifiers were able to close out tasks even if someone was specifically assigned to be a verifier for the task. Now, only the specified verifier can close out the task.
          2. (client specific), missing condition ID against some tasks in the Obligations Register > Tasks Tab.

        Asked Questions
        1. How long will an upgrade take?
        This largely depends on the size of your organisation and the number of INX products you have running. A standard upgrade typically takes as little as two days but will vary based on each customer’s individual requirements.
        2. Is training required?
        This is completely up to you and your company. We offer a range of training options for refresher training, new trainers, custom training or version upgrade training where we take you through the new functionality.
        3. Which browsers are compatible with Version 5?
        INX Version 5 is compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Windows Edge.
        4. How can I get started on an upgrade?
        Simply speak to your account manager or contact our team here >